so I am going through the filters in my company's analytics and they have about 18 individual filters for certain spam referrals. These are all Custom > Exclude > Referral

1. sexyali.com|chinese-amezon.com 2. o-o-8-o-o.com 3. copyrightclaims.org 4. с.новым.годом .рф 5. traffic2cash.org | traffic2cash.xyz | traffic2cash.net 6. top1-seo-service.com 7. share-buttons.xyz 8. traffic-cash.xyz 9. китай.с.новым.годом.рф 10. uptime.com 11. facebook-mobile.xyz 12. slow-website.xyz 13. vitally | vitaly 14. scanner-fred.top 15. arendovalka | begalka | beslimitko | xyz

I want to condense it down, so I made this filter, and I just want to know if that is the correct way to do it? Or if there is a better way to do it..




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First, I suggest you read this great guide, http://help.analyticsedge.com/spam-filter/definitive-guide-to-removing-google-analytics-spam, on how to combat spam and ghost traffic. Second, you can probably optimise your regex by combining the .com and .xyz, etc.

So something like (dom1|dom2|dom3)\.com|(dom4|dom5|dom6)\.xyz. This will help you save some characters.

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