I am simply trying to search for a certain user based on their Client Id. How Can I find a particular user like 129237576.1471287532 to view their User Report.

Secondly... how could I search all users for a pattern. So instead of numbers.numbers - search numbers_numbers - so 129237576.1471287532 vs. 14756_7856.

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Not sure how you aren't able to search for a particular user. If you know the Client ID (ie. 11111111.22222222), then can't you just expand the table and do a Ctrl-F to search?

Regarding the second question, you are probably looking for a regex. I'm not sure where you would apply it in GA as you can't do a regex search since there's no Advanced search feature, but the regex you would use is

  • You can expand the table/show up to 5000 rows... this GA has over 100,000 users/rows. So the Ctrl-F would not be an option for me. Any other ideas? I just cannot believe you can not search/filter/segment down to a certain user. Nov 29, 2016 at 18:52

Had to write a custom report based on all Users and then add the Dimension Drilldowns as User Identifier.


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