What is the difference between the Google site indexing search tools of site:http://example.com and info:http://example.com ?

The reason I ask is that site search shows hundreds of pages for my site; the info search only returns the home page.

In GWT, Google Index>Index Status shows no URLs, yet the sitemap section Crawl>Sitemap shows hundreds of indexed pages in the sitemap; this must be the root of the difference.

What must have caused this: I had deleted my site and sitemap and resubmitted after I changed my entire site from http to https. I have a 301 redirect for all URLs from http to https.

I also used Crawl>Fetch and Render to resubmit my home page and all linked pages about a month ago after I resubmitted the sitemap.

Do I just wait for indexing and for the info search to catch up with the site search?

  • If you have not added a property for HTTPS in Google Search Console, do so. HTTP and HTTPS are two different sites. If you change from HTTP to HTTPS, then the pages indexed in HTTP will drop to 0 while HTTPS will rise from 0.
    – closetnoc
    Nov 21, 2016 at 17:09

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The reason that site search shows hundreds of pages for the site and the info search only returns the home page is in because the site operator get results from your domain, it list all the webpages that Google has indexed. The info operator just get information about a web address, its cached version, similar pages, and the ones that link to the site.


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