This is a recent problem I've been having.

My site can be accessed from almost everywhere else except from my home IP, where I do most of my editing/updating, etc. I've tested my connection from my school's network, a friend's connection from out of state (multiple states), and through a tethered connection with my friend's Android. It works in all those cases, both viewing, accessing the cPanel, and using FTP.

Here's the problem that happens to me when I try to view it from my home IP:

  • The page times out in Firefox, IE, and Chrome.
  • Using the cmd, I ran tracert and ping, both as failed attempts. Log here.
  • downforeveryoneorjustme.com says my site is up. So do the other site checkers.
  • I can't access my cPanel or FTP accounts.
  • I can't access the host site. (I use perfectz.info for hosting, and I can't access their site either.)

System settings:

  • No firewall enabled.
  • Ports are seemingly properly forwarded. (e.g. The ports are open in the router settings, and are open everywhere else.)
  • I have an email forwarder set up from the cPanel that works just fine. (i.e. I can receive emails sent to that address.

If any other information is needed, I'll do my best to provide it.


@ilhan: I use two things:

1) The site cPanel from in-browser.

2) Dreamweaver CS5 FTP.

@Matthias: I tested both, and it passes the dual stack with a 10/10. What should I do then?

  • Do you connect to the database from home, by using a program like Navicat for MySQL? – ilhan Mar 5 '11 at 18:43
  • Maybe your server runs in dual stack mode (IPv4 and IPv6)? You can [check here][1] if your router handles it correctly. (You only need to pass the dual stack test, not IPv6-only.) [1]: test-ipv6.com – Matthias Mar 5 '11 at 18:45

This is possibly a routing/network issue with your hosting company, possibly related to their connection providers. I was able to access your site earlier, but now i can't connect.

If you are with Cablevision and know a friend who has a home connection with them, ask them to visit your site, tracert, etc to compare. Contact your hosting provider and ask them if they are aware of any routing problems.

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