For a small project of mine, for which really don't want to invest any cent, I want to host email services with my custom domain (let's assume www.example.com) l already own.

The hosting service l'm using (please don't judge) is Hostinger and the free mail service l want to avail is Zoho Mail.

I have registered with Zoho Mail, proven that I own the custom domain "example.com and have even created a user email account on the same domain contact@example.com.

So the thing is, I can send emails from Zoho Mail to other email accounts, but can't receive any. Everywhere I read, they tell me to configure the MX records in the cPanel. I've tried that but it ain't working.

What should do? Thanks!

  • You would create the MX DNS record, not on your cPanel, but with your domain registrar where your domain name likely exists with a SOA (statement of authority) record. You can check their web site or tech support for this. – closetnoc Nov 2 '16 at 0:33

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