I have a VPS with Odin Plesk 12.5 configured and setup with a domain (lets call it domain.com). Now I want domain.com to go to the servers website (dedicated IP). In Odin Plesk I can see the DNS settings under the domain, but now I need to change the DNS or Nameservers for the domain to Plesk so that Plesk can handle the DNS (hope this is correct?).

Now the problem I am having. I can change the DNS settings at the domain with the following options:










But, I also have the option to change the Nameserver for the domain (here I can fill in the Gluerecords). Now I am really clueless what to fill in where. Should I just change the Nameservers (Gluerecords) so that Plesk takes over the DNS? Or should I do both so that DNS has an A records to the servers IP? Could someone please help me with this?

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Fixed the issue. Only needed to set the Nameservers to ns1.domain.com and ns2.domain.com and add the Gluerecords. Another (dumb) problem was that I was visiting the website at http://domain.com which was not set (only www one).

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