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One of my websites is listed in the Google index (1st page 4th position till yesterday) for the keyword "Mobile app development company".

Today I can't see my website in the first three pages of results (30 results) for the same keyword. What may have happened? What is the reason behind it?

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  • Can you supply the URL for your website? – Sean Ginnaw Oct 18 '16 at 15:57
  • www.doodleblue.com – Sharavnan Kv Oct 18 '16 at 16:05

This website is temporarily unavailable, please try again later.

Site is down. (And you're using a 200 status code instead of 503.)

Check that no "maintenance mode" has been enabled and check the server logs for any errors.


You can check the response headers using a sniffer such as https://redbot.org/ or with "inspect element" in your browser.

The free encyclopedia has an article on HTTP status codes. The status code is what tells the client (crawler/browser) if the request was successful or unsuccessful or if the client has to do something special (like going to a different URL instead).

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