In our latest project we have added a blog which has an url of http://www.example.be/tips-en-advies/. Then we have some categories which have an url of http://www.example.be/tips-en-advies/categorie-1/, http://www.example.be/tips-en-advies/categorie-2/, ...

We have now added 2 posts which both are of categorie-1.

If we go to the http://www.example.be/tips-en-advies/ page we see these 2 posts and if we go to the http://www.example.be/tips-en-advies/categorie-1/ page we see the same 2 posts.

Is this duplicate content or not? If so then I could add a new post of another categorie so that on the page http://www.example.be/tips-en-advies/ we see 3 posts.


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Yes this will be viewed as duplicate content. However, Google will not 'penalise' you as such. It will just rank one of the pages above the other. If you have a preference for which page you want to rank, you can add a rel=canonical tag on the page that you do not wish to rank.

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