I am about to move my sites to VPS (Ubuntu 16, Apache, with Webmin VHM).

In Webmin.com I came across this article that says:

WARNING : Running Webmin under Apache is almost never necessary unless you are on a very low-memory system that is already running Apache. Doing so will make Webmin slower, break some features and force use of the old ugly UI.

Is it only a bad phrasing? Because I can't think of any reason why Webmin will warm people not to use Webmin and Apache together --- Almost any Webmin user I know, uses Apache (or Nginx) as its server software.

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It can indeed be defined as a bad wording on their side, even though it is technically correct:

Running Webmin under Apache and not Running Webmin with/and Apache. This is referring to whether Webmin is run with it's own HTTP server on port 10000 or using Apache.

It is in no way saying that Webmin and Apache should not be run at the same time.

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