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Top new questions this week:

How do shared hosting providers know you own a domain when you point the DNS to their server?

I recently set a server up on Digital Ocean. The process of pointing the domain to Digital Ocean name servers was as easy as updating them on the registrar's website, and just adding them to my ...

domains web-hosting nameserver  
asked by Mav 14 votes
answered by closetnoc 19 votes

Would Google accept a text sitemap if the URL had a .php extension?

Google accepts a sitemap as .txt file with a list of URLs separated each by a newline. Would Google also allow the same text file format with a .php? Ie.mysitemap.php instead of mysitemap.txt?

google url googlebot sitemap file-extension  
asked by David 3 votes
answered by GeoffAtkins 1 vote

How is it possible that Google Analytics is showing a high bounce rate (50%) on a cart and checkout page?

The cart and checkout pages are not landing pages so it isn't possible for that to be the first page in their session. The exit rate is way too low (approximately 15%) which signals to me that the ...

seo google google-analytics analytics tracking  
asked by Troy 2 votes
answered by Reve 1 vote

Why don't CDNs reveal an IP to be used as an ANAME (alias)?

I've read through the docs on AWS CloudFront and CloudFlare CDN, and both of them appear to require either ownership (to be the registrar) of a domain, or at least to have their DNS pointed to as the ...

dns cdn  
asked by Seph Reed 2 votes
answered by Stephen Ostermiller 1 vote

Why do my analytics report that index.php appears in URLs despite friendly URL rewrite rules?

On a website i use mod_rewrite and PHP to create clean URL's. My .htaccess (summary) will look like that shown below: RewriteEngine On #oude pagina's RewriteRule ^nl/links/(.*)/index.php$ ...

seo google-analytics redirects mod-rewrite  
asked by Bass Jobsen 2 votes

Plesk: running out of SSD space

I am running Plesk on Ubuntu in the cloud. I am running out of disk space. Migrating up to the next tier will double my price. The cloud company has a feature where you can buy a new "volume" which ...

asked by Keith Tysinger 2 votes

.htaccess, redirect all to bye.php, even with more slashes, with exception

I need, in .htaccess, redirect all behind domain, but even with more slashes and with slash or no slash at the end, but with one exception. For example ...

htaccess redirects mod-rewrite  
asked by genderbee 2 votes
answered by Stephen Ostermiller 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I open the JavaScript console in different browsers?

Web browsers provide a JavaScript console as part of their developer tools. This console is useful for the following reasons: Errors and warnings that occur on a web page are logged into the ...

web-development javascript browsers debug  
asked by Šime Vidas 78 votes
answered by Šime Vidas 65 votes

Is there an easy way to see amount of compression in Chrome?

I am busy checking how my webserver is doing gzip. I'm confident now that gzip is on as chrome shows the content-encoding: gzip header. Is there a easy way to see how much a file was compressed in ...

gzip compression google-chrome  
asked by Peter Smit 33 votes
answered by mikemaccana 32 votes

Are cookie warnings still required under the EU cookie law?

Is it still required to provide a cookie warning offering users the ability to opt in/out of cookie tracking? I cannot find any official advice on what we are supposed to be doing. I'm not looking ...

cookie eu-cookie-law  
asked by Double Clicked 42 votes
answered by Martijn 30 votes

How to use Cloudflare and Namecheap email forwarding at the same time?

I want to use Cloudflare, and it requires that I use their nameservers. The problem is that I'm using some features from Namecheap like email forwarding, which will be disabled (if I didn't get it ...

domains dns email cdn  
asked by ChocoDeveloper 41 votes
answered by Kim Stacks 25 votes

Why won't webmail receive emails from outside my domain?

I'm new to GoDaddy Linux cPanel web hosting. I've created multiple email accounts @my-domain using cPanel. These addresses can send mail successfully to each other and also to any other email account ...

cpanel godaddy webmail  
asked by Sameh Kamal 5 votes
answered by jeffatrackaid 6 votes

What is the difference between <span> and <div> tags?

I am curious, the span tag seems to work the same as a div.

asked by robasta 15 votes

IIS 7 Require SSL automatically redirect to https://

I've configured IIS 7 to require SSL. I'm wondering if I can automatically redirect non-ssl requests to be encrypted. For example, if a user types in http://domain.com, can IIS redirect the request ...

https security-certificate iis7  
asked by jdickson 26 votes
answered by Scott Obert 27 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Does "Last Painted Hero" time have an impact on SEO and search engine rankings?

Does "Last Painted Hero" (LPH) time have an impact on SEO and search engine rankings? For instance, a 3rd party vendor decreased our LPH time from 16.200s to 1.200s. We're running a separate SEO ...

seo performance ranking render  
asked by Insight 1 vote

Would two factor authentication on my web hosting account protect against email phishing targeting my site?

I was recently attacked on my Bluehost account after clicking on an email that looked like it was from Bluehost (never going to click on another Bluehost email again). While talking to the support ...

wordpress security bluehost  
asked by OctaviaLo 1 vote

Conversion Tracking on 3rd party Website using Google Tag Manager

I have the following scenario: Website A contains product description and links to the booking website B where the user places his order. I need to track conversions placed on the website B and have ...

google-analytics google-tag-manager  
asked by Tomas 1 vote
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