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Top new questions this week:

Manage sitemaps for multiple sites in Google Search Console

We are dynamically generating sitemap.xml files and hosting them on content delivery network (CDN) which is not on our primary web site domain. Primary website: https://bla.example/sitemap-index.xml &...

sitemap xml-sitemap sitemap-index  
user avatar asked by Alex Score of 2

Does Google index text from CSS and HTML files?

Our website's template is for a job directory site, but it was repurposed for a school directory. The CSS, HTML, and PHP strings still show Company in the code, but the company name can't be seen on ...

google php search-engine-indexing css  
user avatar asked by jay jomer Score of 2
user avatar answered by Mike Ciffone Score of 3

Block all IP addresses

I am setting up a company intranet (extranet) and need to block all traffic requesting to the portal besides anyone connected to our VPN. What I've tried I've tried adding this to /etc/apache2/httpd....

apache2 block  
user avatar asked by Jigsaw Score of 2

Rewrite three URL directories to corresponding PHP files and pass subdirectory as a parameter

I want to convert the following https://example.com/download-file/xyz https://example.com/download-code/abc https://example.com/developer/mno to https://example.com/download-file?name=xyz https://...

htaccess redirects mod-rewrite url-parameters  
user avatar asked by Rohit Gupta Score of 1
user avatar answered by MrWhite Score of 2

Locally Hosted Graphic User HTML Editor for Web Developing

I'm currently developing a new website for a small business, but I'm the only one that can edit via HTML/CSS/JS files. My boss doesn't want to rely on CMS for some reason, but wants some sort of GUI ...

html css text-editor gui  
user avatar asked by awakuruf Score of 1
user avatar answered by Wayne Score of 2

Which has better SEO for a large amount of similar products? Shorter or longer product descriptions

I am building a e-commerce site with a large amount (100s) of similar products. Product descriptions will be batch generated and will therefore be very similar, with only slight modifications in the ...

seo google ecommerce  
user avatar asked by Stef Verdonk Score of 1

Is it possible to have different sitemaps for different robots?

Is it possible to have different sitemaps for different robots? I could put disallows in the robots.txt file, but that is a lot of work.

user avatar asked by Rohit Gupta Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it possible to keep the existence of a domain secret?

If I bought a domain like a9j47fn83jd8j49.tld, and only a friend and I ever visit it, who would know about it? It sounds like for most TLDs, there is some reporting that has to happen after you buy a ...

domains dns web-crawlers  
user avatar asked by dcc310 Score of 14
user avatar answered by Patrick Mevzek Score of 14

Why is Coffeyville, Kansas sending large amounts of traffic in Google Analytics?

I work for a UK-based digital-focused company. We have a few thousand US-based users but it is by no means our primary region. However, an excessively large amount of US traffic is supposedly ...

user avatar asked by Rhys Mills Score of 24
user avatar answered by Grant Miller Score of 36

How to remove the related videos at end of YouTube embedded video?

I am trying to get the embedded videos to stop showing at the end of the embedded YouTube videos on my website. I have tried the ?rel=0 and it does not work. Any other ideas?

video youtube url-parameters  
user avatar asked by eric Score of 7

How can I buy my own personalized Top Level Domain (TLD)?

Starting fomm tomorrow January/12/2012 I heard it's possible to apply for your own TLD i.e. .whatever in place of .com .org etc. I thought it would require a huge amount of money (I heard stories ...

domain-registration top-level-domains  
user avatar asked by Marco Demaio Score of 44
user avatar answered by Lèse majesté Score of 52

HTTPS connection is "not safe" due to images

I am currently working on a website and I have successfully installed my SSL certificate. The GeoTrust SSL/TLS checker confirmed that the certificate chain (including CA) is properly installed. ...

https images security  
user avatar asked by mti_ Score of 16
user avatar answered by Stephen Ostermiller Score of 35

How can CloudFlare offer a free CDN with unlimited bandwidth?

The CloudFlare free tier service offers unlimited bandwith while other CDNs charge starting at about $.10/gb. CloudFlare does not have bandwidth limits. As long as the domains being added comply ...

cdn cloudflare  
user avatar asked by Mike Score of 67
user avatar answered by Monkey Code Score of 29

How can URLs have a dot . at the end, e.g. www.bla.de.?

I never believed URLs could have a period at the end, as in www.google.de. (which obvious is not working). However, www.youtu.be. is working perfectly well. How did they manage that?

domains url  
user avatar asked by Michael Score of 63
user avatar answered by John Conde Score of 70

Can you answer these questions?

Deny non-local Apache requests that match a specific URL pattern

I need to configure my Apache (2.4) in a way, that It prevents answering requests that don't come from the same IP as the server match a specific pattern in the URL In pseudocode it must look ...

apache apache2 configuration 403-forbidden  
user avatar asked by Lokomotywa Score of 1

Google Merchant Center Ignoring Price values in product feed

Running Google Shopping advertising for a client who sells nutritional supplements. They have two different pricing options, one-off purchases or ongoing subscriptions. The subscription price is ...

google-ads feeds shopping  
user avatar asked by GeoffAtkins Score of 1

Exclude traffic coming from a specific landing page in Google Analytics 4

I want to exclude visitors who came to the site from a specific landing page. Is it possible to do this with GTM? There is an option to create an Audience in GA4, but I would like to permanently ...

google-analytics google-tag-manager google-analytics-4  
user avatar asked by rikolina Score of 1
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