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Top new questions this week:

Is it safe to use 777 for my public html folder?

Running a Linode and I want to install Nextcloud, but it needs permissions to write to the directory (/var/www/html). Doing a chmod 777 will clear things up but I wonder if it's safe to use that open ...

nginx permissions linode chmod public-html  
asked by xr9-system09 5 votes
answered by davidgo 7 votes

Will updating the page title without changing the URL hurt SEO?

I have a website and I want to update some titles of its pages, e.g. "White wine" i want to change to "French White Wine", but I do not want to change URL, i.e. I would prefer to ...

seo url title  
asked by Evelsta 4 votes
answered by Mike Ciffone 3 votes

Regex to match a specific page path in Google Analytics based on what it starts with and what it ends with

I need to come up with a regular expression that matches all page paths that: starts with /google+redesign/ AND ends with /quickview. What would a correct regex combination look like?

google-analytics regex re2  
asked by mr.analytic 3 votes
answered by Mike Ciffone 2 votes

Does linking articles from the homepage help their SEO?

Does linking articles from the homepage help article positioning in Google? Are there any studies that tell what is the optimal time to keep such a link to an article on the homepage? Will a button ...

seo links homepage articles  
asked by H.Rusvikano 3 votes
answered by Mike Ciffone 2 votes

Manage multiple subdomain on a different nameserver?

I have a domain, example.com which is managed on Cloudflare, and I would like to manage multiple sub-sub-domains, that end with .internal.example.com, such as one.one.internal.example.com and two....

web-hosting subdomain nameserver dns-servers  
asked by roee klinger 3 votes
answered by roee klinger 4 votes

Should I noindex a coming soon page?

I am working on a coming soon page that will list our logo, contact form and a newsletter subscription. It is rather short and simple. In regards to SEO, should I set it noindex nofollow perhaps then?

seo noindex coming-soon  
asked by jowety 3 votes
answered by Maximillian Laumeister 3 votes

Is it possible to ensure that a Local Search ad will only show up in the SERPs and not in Google Maps?

I've been doing some reading on Google Local Search Ads. I see a lot of Local Search Ads showing up if you search for a local service in Google Maps, but less so when you search for a local service in ...

advertising google-ads google-maps local-sem  
asked by sam 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to enable use of .htaccess in Apache on Ubuntu?

I'm trying to enable use of htaccess file in Ubuntu 14.04 (Apache 2.4.7). I know that this question has many possible duplicates, but none of them helped me yet. .htaccess ErrorDocument 404 /404....

htaccess apache2 ubuntu  
asked by David ZIP 19 votes
answered by Anil 31 votes

What is the default Web browser on Android?

What is the default Web browser on Android devices? Are there weird Web browser set by default that I should be aware of (to test my mobile Website on it)?

browsers android  
asked by AlexV 18 votes
answered by Itai 18 votes

How can I disable the PayPal Credit button?

The checkout area of my site includes an iframe that contains a PayPal button. Recently, PayPal seems to have automatically added a "Credit" button to this iframe. I don't want two buttons, I just ...

paypal payments  
asked by Pikamander2 16 votes
answered by Pikamander2 1 vote

How to improve extremely slow page load time on a 23MB web page full of SVGs?

I have a webpage that is full of inline-SVG around 140+ inline SVGs! Just the HTML file size is 23MB, plus there is external CSS and JavaScript loading, though that is roughly only around 30KB. The ...

html performance html5 load-time svg  
asked by Syed Mohammad Sannan 13 votes
answered by Maximillian Laumeister 42 votes

Which event log file does IIS 7 app pool log to

Which event log files does the IIS 7.0 Application Pool Recycling log to? I want to check out at what time the default app pool automatically recylces.

asked by Julius A 23 votes
answered by LazyOne 37 votes

What is the difference between a URI and a URL?

I have read these pages: http://www.w3.org/TR/uri-clarification/ http://www.damnhandy.com/2007/11/19/uri-vs-url-whats-the-difference/ I know basic about URL, URN, and URI; but little on their ...

asked by undone 55 votes
answered by Stephen Ostermiller 56 votes

Should a website be directly accessible by its IP address?

I found that many websites display their site content only when you access them by their FQDN (example, example.com). When trying to access by their IP address, they show a 404 site not found error. ...

asked by Question Overflow 34 votes
answered by ljacqu 32 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Can i use both Google Analytics and Google Ads Tag for tracking same event in Google Tag Manager?

I am not very experienced with Google Tag Manager, I wanted to track users who are filling a specific form on my website. So i have set up Google Analytics: Universal Analytics Tag for tracking users ...

google-analytics google-ads google-tag-manager  
asked by Pallavi 2 votes

Tell google images which to choose

Related Github issue: https://github.com/browniebroke/gatsby-image-gallery/issues/844 So I'm using Gatsby and an image gallery. The gallery generates two images, a thumbnail and the gallery image. The ...

seo google-search cdn google-image-search  
asked by dewey 1 vote

I used a permanent 301 redirect and now want to use old domain again, is this bad SEO wise?

I have a blog that I wanted to professionalize it a bit more and moved from a personalized domain name (DomainA/subfolder) to a more professional domain name (DomainB). The blog is from 2015 and I ...

seo htaccess 301-redirect  
asked by baswijdenesdotcom 2 votes
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