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Top new questions this week:

Are short expiration and lack of warranty disadvantages of cPanel's AutoSSL?

I am trying to make my site HTTPS due to SEO and integration support with websites such as facebook. For this, I need to purchase an SSL certificate. But I saw control panel & WHM gives me option ...

seo https security-certificate openssl  
asked by Kiran 3 votes
answered by Jason Is My Name 2 votes

Ignoring URL query parameters in Behavior Flow

A major part of my web app is a rich search functionality with about 7 different facets to filter on. All the search parameters are fully represented in the page URL; this means that a user might ...

asked by Jeff G 2 votes

Intermittent problem establishing a secure HTTPS connection to my site

My site gives this error when I try to visit, both on windows and ios. The thing is that it doesn't always happens, some days it works fine and the other it doesn't. Does anyone know what could be the ...

https security-certificate  
asked by B kav 2 votes
answered by Stephen Ostermiller 2 votes

Can I use a third-party service to provide DNS for my site?

I'm setting up a new site, and my host uses a Cpanel alternative that only allows me to add A and CNAME records. I need to add TXT records as well, for SPF settings and such. I know I can do this ...

web-hosting dns cloudflare  
asked by user2258740 2 votes
answered by Stephen Ostermiller 2 votes

Using Moss as a virtual sysadmin. Based on this image and text, is it creating DNS entries?

I've just set up a new site on a VPS using Moss as a virtual sysadmin. In Moss' control panel, I can see A and CNAME records. As an example, you can see them at the bottom of this image from their ...

web-hosting dns vps  
asked by user2258740 2 votes

Is a CNAME from the domain apex to the www record the correct way to configure a site to use the WWW version?

Let's say I own example.com and want to use www.example.com as the default. I thought I could do this by using an A record to point the www version to the IP and using a CNAME record to point the ...

seo dns 301-redirect  
asked by user2258740 2 votes
answered by DocRoot 2 votes

How to setup MX records for a static AWS S3 websites

Hi I've been trying to find an answer to this, but can't seem to. Basically I have a domain name (registered at Namecheap) that (CNAME) points to an AWS S3 bucket endpoint/url (i.e S3-hosted ...

dns amazon-aws mx amazon-s3  
asked by unknownprotocol 1 vote
answered by Stephen Ostermiller 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Allowing access to an Apache virtual host from the local network only

I have a web page on a Linux server I administer, running Apache 2.2. This server is visible to the outside world for some other services. I would like to configure Apache so that a given virtual ...

apache apache2 linux  
asked by Btz 19 votes
answered by JakeGould 12 votes

How to host a single website on multiple servers?

I'm planning on releasing an iOS app that downloads video from my server. If hundreds of people on the launch day try to do this, then my website and the services that my server provides will clearly ...

web-hosting domains dns server traffic  
asked by Jack Humphries 10 votes
answered by Chris 5 votes

How to specify publisher in schema.org's Article structured data?

I am trying to use the Article type from schema.org: <article itemscope itemtype="https://schema.org/Article"> <!-- ... --> <meta itemprop="publisher" content="MyCorp" /> ...

html5 microdata schema.org structured-data  
asked by Tony 8 votes

How does Google Analytics know the sex, age, interests of visitors?

The demographics pane displays stats based on sex, age and interests. How did it learn this private information?

google-analytics privacy  
asked by kolypto 15 votes

How do I add the copyright symbol to my webpage?

How do I add the copyright symbol to my webpage?

asked by smithjack 18 votes
answered by paulmorriss 31 votes

How to pass GET parameters to rewritten URL?

I have an .htaccess rewrite rule like this: RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-f RewriteRule ^search/(.*)$ search.php?q=$1 What this does is, if someone visits ...

php apache htaccess mod-rewrite  
asked by Jake Wilson 13 votes
answered by danlefree 14 votes

What is HTTP Method PROPFIND used for?

I notice a series lines never seen before on my server access log that runs like this consecutively within the same one second: PROPFIND /images/flag.jpg HTTP/1.1 405 493 265 511 - LibreOffice ...

asked by Question Overflow 16 votes
answered by closetnoc 8 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Is it possible to redirect HTTPS to HTTP without warning?

One of my clients now doesn't want to use a SSL certificate. But the home page of their site has been indexed with HTTPS. I have already redirected HTTPS to HTTP but it shows a warning every time. Is ...

redirects https security-certificate http  
asked by Chhaya Parikh 1 vote

What are the best image sizes for the Google Chrome mobile website audit?

What are the best image sizes for the Google Chrome mobile website audit? I'm making a WordPress website and want to get the best score possible. There will be an image with 100% width on the top ...

wordpress images optimization image-size  
asked by Glen Charles Rowell 1 vote

How to tell Google to show a webpage only in specific countries

I have a website with product information, let's say for example that the product URL is www.example.com/product. How can I tell Google that I want that product page to be shown only in specific ...

seo search-engine-indexing internationalization country-specific  
asked by user3407397 1 vote
answered by Stephen Ostermiller 0 votes
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