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Top new questions this week:

Is it possible host a custom google map on a website using an iframe or similar?

Im trying to embed an google map onto a company website using the method. This works fine, but the resulting maps show a competitor who is geographically close to the company whos website i am ...

asked by sam 3 votes
answered by Steve 1 vote

Prevent search engines from indexing specific elements on a site

A website I'm working on has a team section. Every team member has a dedicated site. On the site's bottom of each team member three other team members are displayed randomly. What happens here is ...

seo images  
asked by Kiril 2 votes
answered by MrWhite 2 votes

How to clean my client knowledge panel

I have an SEO client who was in the Japanese adult industry, Which helps her appear in the Google Knowledge Panel. Now she is a Dj still Knowledge Panel showing her an adult actor, What I can do to ...

seo google knowledge-graph technical-seo  
asked by Krishna Murari 2 votes
answered by MrWhite 1 vote

301 Redirect from URL with query string to new URL without query string

I'm having trouble working out how to do a 301 redirect from: https://www.example.com/catalogue/catalogue.php?catSection=1 to https://www.example.com/hire-category/access-support-equipment/ I've tried ...

htaccess 301-redirect mod-rewrite query-string mod-alias  
asked by webfooted 2 votes
answered by MrWhite 1 vote

"Insufficient HTTPS Coverage" in Google Search Console... for pages that are being redirected to HTTPS

I'm getting an "Insufficient HTTPS coverage on your site" error in my domain property in Google Page Experience, which is strange because my entire site uses HTTPS and has done so for a long ...

google-search-console https http  
asked by PaulJ 2 votes
answered by Stephen Ostermiller 3 votes

Changing GA property after changing domain?

One of our clients migrated to the new domain. I want to know what should I do on the existing Google Analytics property?

google-analytics domains migration  
asked by Ameneh 2 votes
answered by GeoffAtkins 3 votes

Can you force text to not display if font is not loaded?

I am using a custom font to display some text at the beginning of my blog post. What I desire, is for the text to display only if the font has been installed by the user. Here is my first attempt: <...

css fonts load  
asked by Canned Man 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the default Web browser on Android?

What is the default Web browser on Android devices? Are there weird Web browser set by default that I should be aware of (to test my mobile Website on it)?

browsers android  
asked by AlexV 18 votes
answered by Itai 17 votes

How to change which image from website is shown in Google search result?

Can anyone tell me how Google decides which image to use when it shows an image with the search results (as is the case with mobile search, sometimes)? If you look at these mobile search results … … ...

google-search images serps  
asked by ban-geoengineering 16 votes
answered by Bhargav Joshi 7 votes

How should I handle the problem of people entering others' e-mail addresses without annoying them with "verification" e-mails?

I have forms on my in-development website which require the person to enter an e-mail address. I don't want to have to send them a "verification" e-mail with a URL containing a code, or ...

email security forms email-address email-accounts  
asked by P Sarauer 9 votes
answered by Maximillian Laumeister 33 votes

What is the use of @id in json-ld syntax?

I am really confused what is @id used for in json-ld syntax. Sample from apple.com. What does @id actually represent. Any help would be great? <script type="application/ld+json"> { "@...

schema.org json-ld  
asked by Ishan 23 votes

How can I find the IP address for my visitors in Google Analytics Universal reports?

Does anyone know if/where I can find IP addresses of my visitors in Google Analytics Universal reports?

google-analytics universal-analytics  
asked by zachu 21 votes
answered by nyuen 18 votes

Should I escape the Apostrophe ( ' ) character with its HTML entity (&#39;)?

What characters should be escaped with their HTML entities. For example, & is escaped with &amp;. Should ' be escaped with &#39;?

asked by Tom 40 votes
answered by drew 43 votes

Pages that never finish loading: How to diagnose

Users occasionally complain, and we probably all occasionally see, a web page that never finishes loading. In Google Chrome the spinning circle will run forever, each browser has it's own version. ...

browsers http bugs  
asked by Bryce 5 votes
answered by Helping Hands 4 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Site fails FCrDNS and HELO/EHLO tests

I have a client who complained that his email has increasingly ended up in his contacts' spam folders. I performed a mailserver test using multirbl.valli.org and detected a couple of issues. The ...

dns email  
asked by zgall1 1 vote

SolidCP – Install successful, but now getting issues with application pool not starting – service unavailable

Here´s my basic setup: Windows Server 2012 2R SQL Server 2016 I’ve managed to install SolidCP on the server. Had a few issues during installation, but solved it. Also completed the extra setting on ...

web-hosting iis windows  
asked by Jorge Mauricio 1 vote

Change of address tool couldn't fetch the page error

We migrated from https://example.org to https://example.com.It seems we have done all requirements mentioned here for using search console change of address tool but now it has passed 4 days from our ...

google-search-console redirects change-address-tool  
asked by zoli 1 vote
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