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Top new questions this week:

Robots.txt Validation Failed?!? Can't find any error. What am I missing?

This is my first post! I'm trying to work my way through the technical side of SEO by cleaning up some Google Search Console issues. Google Search Console page report shows that validation failed for ...

google-search-console robots.txt search technical-seo  
user avatar asked by sleeper Score of 2
user avatar answered by Tobias Schwarz Score of 4

Domain name expired but whois ok

I’m trying to help my partners business out and I’ve got an interesting one but also very weird. They’ve got a .com domain name that when we look on their control panel has expired but when I look at ...

domains domain-registration expired-domains  
user avatar asked by codingitup Score of 2

Why have a catch-all SMTP policy?

When attempting to verify e-mail addresses, I frequently come across servers configured to "catch all" requests (as is the online terminology for the situation). I'm surprised that this is ...

email bulk-email  
user avatar asked by RokeJulianLockhart Score of 1
user avatar answered by davidgo Score of 0

What is the best solution if the website is the same but needs to target Google.de and Google.at?

Following situation: I run an online shop, which is currently targeting Germany and Austria using the same domain "mydomain.at". In Austria (google.at) the SEO is strong, but in Germany (...

seo wordpress woocommerce  
user avatar asked by Noah Spengler Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to remove our IP address from Microsoft's email blacklist?

We have a website, users sign up and receive links to confirm they signed up BUT: Microsoft blocked our IP (no one with Microsoft email account can receive our emails.) We tried contacting microsoft ...

email ip-address microsoft blacklist hotmail  
user avatar asked by Filippo oretti Score of 28
user avatar answered by Don King Score of 16

How do I hide the Google Tag Manager preview pane?

When using the "new" UI (version 2) of Google Tag Manager, I cannot disable the preview/debug pane. It's appearing on every page of my web site whenever I'm logged into my Google Apps account. I've ...

google-tag-manager tag-manager  
user avatar asked by Larry Silverman Score of 28
user avatar answered by Stephen Ostermiller Score of 45

Why is Coffeyville, Kansas sending large amounts of traffic in Google Analytics?

I work for a UK-based digital-focused company. We have a few thousand US-based users but it is by no means our primary region. However, an excessively large amount of US traffic is supposedly ...

user avatar asked by Rhys Mills Score of 25
user avatar answered by Grant Miller Score of 37

What browser is Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 10; SM-A202F) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/91.0.4472.120 Mobile Safari/537.36?

Is it Chrome, or Safari, and how should I be able to know? I know a UA can be spoofed, but let's assume it isn't, as it's just from a typical user who would have no reason to - but I'm trying to debug ...

http google-chrome user-agent safari  
user avatar asked by Codemonkey Score of 2

How do I add the copyright symbol to my webpage?

How do I add the copyright symbol to my webpage?

user avatar asked by smithjack Score of 19
user avatar answered by paulmorriss Score of 31

How to test the speed of a page that is guarded behind login page?

For public page, I can use pingdom.com to calculate the response time/uptime of a page over a certain period of time. However, pingdom cannot time the response time of a webpage guarded behind a ...

web-hosting page-speed performance  
user avatar asked by Graviton Score of 24

Twitter card [summary_large_image] not displaying image

I have set up a series of Twitter cards for my website. The type of twitter card is [summary_large_image]. The meta-information included in the <head> of my webpage is: <meta name="twitter:...

meta-tags twitter open-graph-protocol twitter-card  
user avatar asked by Rounin Score of 24
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