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Top new questions this week:

What is a Sunrise dispute?

What is a Sunrise dispute? I've skimmed over this page that defines the SDRP (Sunrise Dispute Resolution Policy), but I still don't feel like I know what I'm looking at. I see lots of documentation ...

domain-registration legal domain-registrar  
user avatar asked by Mentalist Score of 2
user avatar answered by davidgo Score of 2

Prevent access to parent URL but not its children

On a Debian VPS I run an Apache 2.4.56 web server and I want to prevent any access to a parent URL, for instance https://example.com/participants while allowing access to any of its children, for ...

apache debian  
user avatar asked by Dave White Score of 1
user avatar answered by Dave White Score of 0

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

After updating the title and meta description, how long until changes take place on Google?

I am using the Yoast plugin to help with the SEO of my site. I just set everything up and am wondering how long it takes for google to update the information. As you can probably tell already the only ...

seo google title meta-description  
user avatar asked by BL91 Score of 8
user avatar answered by Ricardo Mejias Score of 8

Is using nested spans in HTML 5 valid?

Is it standard in HTML 5 if we use span in span? <span class="fake-input"> <span id="fake-input"></span> <span id="deftext">No file selectedspan</span> </span>

html validation  
user avatar asked by mafortis Score of 24
user avatar answered by Henry Visotski Score of 6

Have disabled apache site config file 000-default.conf, but it still seems active. Why?

I added a file mysite.conf to my apache sites-available folder with the correct settings, then enabled it and reloaded apache, and it isn't working. I want to disable the default site config as ...

apache linux virtualhost configuration  
user avatar asked by Highly Irregular Score of 9

How can I find the IP address for my visitors in Google Analytics Universal reports?

Does anyone know if/where I can find IP addresses of my visitors in Google Analytics Universal reports?

google-analytics universal-analytics  
user avatar asked by zachu Score of 22
user avatar answered by nyuen Score of 19

How can I change the Google Analytics timezone?

All howto's I was able to find in the Internet is slightly (or even not slightly) different from the things I see in my real account. This things is also applicable to the official Google help pages (!...

user avatar asked by Roman Matveev Score of 16
user avatar answered by GDVS Score of 14

Google Mobile Friendly test shows "other error" for resource loads

I get the error "Couldn't load 23 page resources" when doing the mobile friendly test at https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly However, the error message is (the rather unfriendly) "Other ...

google googlebot-mobile  
user avatar asked by Scott C Wilson Score of 30
user avatar answered by joeinfo Score of 13

How can I change the location of my ip address to specific citiies/places when browsing?

I am based in Europe and I would like to test my website as if I am located in New York. I have some specific features that will be visible based on cities.

user avatar asked by Imageree Score of 7
user avatar answered by Simon Hayter Score of 5
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