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comment Where can I get my website critiqued
Thanks, although I'm having a little trouble finding three sites to review that haven't already been closed by the forum moderators.
comment Where can I get my website critiqued
@danlefree Who? Where can I even get in touch with someone? If they can professionally critique my site, why would they need me to design them a site? My best option is a site where I can critique a site and then someone can critique me back. Or somewhere where I can submit my site and people can simply make comments or suggestions.
comment Storing image order without a database
Technically the naming solution is better than the modification time one. For the latter, adding a file will change the modifcation time of the album (the folder it is in) and hence that order will be unwillingly changed each time a image is added. While for the former method, new images can simply be displayed at the end of the order until they are given a specific place.