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comment Adblock Plus blocking a lot of ads on webpages that don't even have ads?
Side note comment: Adblock does not per se block 50-60 ads on youtube. Youtube tries to send a ping back to the ad-server every 6 seconds or so. This ping is blocked by adblock, and you can see the adblock-counter increase every time this happens.
comment Stopping comment spam with links(need suggestion)
using no-follow won't stop any spammers, especially if you have a larger site where any link brings some visitors as well. You could either moderate comments manually, use an external service as askimet or write a simple filter that discards comments with certain keywords or domains.
comment How to correctly count pageviews?
No, you cant do that - the user agent can be set to whatever they want by bots; and most will identify themselves as common webbrowser (Mozilla, IE, Chrome) for that reason. The most reliable way would be to use some javascript like GA does it, since most bots don't execute javascript. The number of users who have JS disabled in the webbrowser is somewhere around 2% (depending on your audience) as far as i know.
comment How can I increase the traffic to my site?
StumbleUpon dosn't work well for all sites from my experience. It's really good for funny sites like theoatmeal, cyanide&happieness, failblog and other light & entertaining sites for a very broad audience. For commercial sites this won't work.
comment Moving Content That's Been Stolen
Sure, but the point i was trying to make here was that it nowhere states that your published articles stay your "exclusive property", and people will always copy your photos, articles and other work you upload to the internet - no matter if it is allowed or not by laws or terms of use.
comment Is This Considered “Black Hat” SEO?
google CAN index text and links inside flash files:…
comment Having trouble redirecting old product sites and categories to new pages
Thank you good sir! It worked after some minor adjustments ( id_product=%2 must be id_product=%1 ).
comment How to implement an email this link button
The downside is that you have to be very carefull about what you accept. Quite often those 'recommend to a friend' scripts are abused by automated scripts to spam other users with advertising messages, and this could mean trouble for you.