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I have been in the IT industry since 1995. I've had my hand in a variety of technologies as a developer, infrastructure specialist, and systems architect. Some of these include (but are not limited to):

  • IIS, Apache
  • SharePoint (2003, 2007, and 2010)
  • SQL Server
  • ColdFusion, Classic ASP, PHP
  • F5 Load Balancers
  • PowerShell
  • Visual Basic
  • ASP.Net (C#)
  • Mainframe technologies (COBOL, DB2, CICS) ...trying to forget these

I could go on...

I do not declare myself to be an authoritative expert on any of these and I don't carry any fancy certifications. I like finding ways to use technology to solve problems. Over the years I have used much from the open community. I am participating on the StackExchange sites as a way to give back to the community and to share many aspects of things I have learned over the years.

comment Using SSL Certification in Multiple Locations
Can you please clarify something? It sounds like your website is hosted on a server in the UK with the URL 'www.companyname.com'. Is the application hosted by the company in South Africa also running under the 'www.companyname.com' or is it running under a different hostname such as 'myapp.companyname.com' or 'www.mycompanyapp.com'?
comment How do I use IIS7 rewrite to redirect requests for (HTTP or HTTPS):// (www or no-www) .domainaliases.ext to HTTPS://maindomain.ext
I have tested your rule and it works as expected (although I didn't have WordPress installed). I did see a similar issue to what you describe where it appears that it does not redirect to the correct domain. In that test, I was using IE. As soon as I cleared my browsing history in the browser, it redirected as expected. You might want to make sure you delete any browser history and temporary internet files and see if that clears it up.
comment How do I use IIS7 rewrite to redirect requests for (HTTP or HTTPS):// (www or no-www) .domainaliases.ext to HTTPS://maindomain.ext
Can you post the revised rule you are using? Is this rule being applied to your entire webserver or to just a specific website? It is possible there might be a rule conflict.
comment Using other's contents in your website
@Nick: This is a well stated answer. Agree that if the content isn't your original work, assume it cannot be used unless granted permission. Many websites will post a copyright notice somewhere on their site. That copyright notice will often spell out the legal terms for reuse or syndication of content from that site.
comment How to build a site that I can make regular updates with a user-friendly GUI
I agree with John. WordPress is a great way to get a site started. If you didn't want to to completely build a new theme, there are a handful of themes that allow customization from within WordPress. Atahualpa is an example that comes to mind.
comment Tips on hosting a non-web framework based application on a Windows host (i.e. - not IIS, Apache, etc.)?
The hourly costs are basically the cost per hour of having the server. So for a server that costs $.08/hour, if you had the server for 30 days and then deleted it, the cost would be $.08 x 24 hours x 30 days = $57.60/month. Bandwidth is often calculated separately, so if your bandwidth charge is $.08/GB and you use 50GB, that cost will be $4. Total for the month at that point would be $61.60/month. Essentially, you just pay for what you use which is nice in cases where you may need a demo server for a day or two.
comment Tips on hosting a non-web framework based application on a Windows host (i.e. - not IIS, Apache, etc.)?
I have never used or heard anything specific (good or bad) about Softlayer, but on the surface they appear to offer a similar type service to what I was referencing. Best way to find out if you like them is to try them out. Would be interesting if they have the capability to scale up without having to provision a new virtual server and migrate over. I have not heard about any specific "internal" type attacks (hosting companies tend not to publicize that), but it is always something you should be mindful of. Bad guys can be anywhere.
comment Server-infrastructure recommendations
Some cloud solutions do indeed have a few growing pains. Their usefulness largely depends on requirements. Virtualization can most certainly be used for prod environments. Web servers, application servers, and file servers are often good candidates for virtualization. Database servers have to be closely evaluated due to disk I/O, but with the correct configuration in the right environment can be used for production as well. Managed dedicated solutions can be expensive and are also more expensive to scale than a cloud solution, but certainly have their place depending on requirements.
comment Why don't large popular sites such as SO use keyword and description meta headers?
Agree with this answer, meta keywords and description had been getting abused a lot so the search engines started putting much less weight on them. Using meta keywords tags can also give competitors an idea of the kinds of keywords you are targeting for SEO ranking and may influence their SEO strategies.
comment Log File Analyser for PC
There is a difference between 'data' (raw materials) and 'information' (finished goods). Log files provide you with data. Log file analytics software can help filter and process that data into useful information that can be used for decision making.
comment Using dash in folder names and linking for image
Have you viewed the HTML source in each browser or used something like Fiddler to see what is being requested?
comment How to avoid DotNetNuke with another ASP.NET application conflicts
In the MSDN article: "Configuration settings for virtual directories are independent of physical directory structure, and virtual directories must be organized carefully to avoid configuration problems." Hope that helps too.
comment How to avoid DotNetNuke with another ASP.NET application conflicts
The physical folder on the file system does not really matter since you can point the document root of a website or virtual directory to any file system location. The issue you are having is that the web.config of the B2B application is inheriting the settings of the root website (in this case DNN). You either need to break the inheritance or install the two applications in different "branches" of the website. If you want DNN to be the default site and it is installed to a different folder, you will need to 301 redirect MyCompanyDomain.com to something like MyCompanyDomain.com/DNN.
comment Clustered Web host
Both of these providers offer a lot of options to scale your application. Either of these would be a very good choice.
comment If my web application is under a server will it perform better than if it is under a shared hosting?
This is a good summary of the three basic types. I would also add that with shared hosting it might depend if the host is using a cluster of servers instead of just a single server (there are a few of those available). Performance can be quite good in that case. With VPS (or cloud) options, it might be worth mentioning Rackspace (rackspace.com/cloud). A cloud server can often scale up when load is heavier, thus giving you better performance. Disclaimer...I am not affiliated with Rackspace in any way.