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comment When and when not to use a CDN
You could use also use a protocol-less URL with the host name, like "//". This allows you to take advantage of ISP and corporate proxy caches for caching non-SSL versions of the images. This can have a tremendous benefit for both your visitor experience and server/bandwidth load. Our site's visitors are almost all from US-based financial institutions, and we detect about 85% visit from behind some form of caching proxy. YMMV, so test your own site and traffic of course.
comment What's the best FREE CDN service available?
CoralCDN is a research project hacked together by academics and hosted on PlanetLab. It is extraordinarily slow, and often doesn't respond at all. Don't use it for anything you care about. It's not monitored by anyone and barely works.The same is true of the other free "research" CDN, CobWeb ( It's main page doesn't even come up most of the time.
comment CDN png image not accessible from my machine
please accept my answer here if you found it useful
comment WHY my domain points back to previous IP after 1 day is an anycast address: it is actually a service comprised of a whole bunch of servers sprinkled throughout the world. You can and will get different results from subsequent queries to Google DNS, depending on the cache status of the particular server you hit. It is not surprising that you would see differing resposnses during a DNS change.