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comment How can I buy my own personalized Top Level Domain (TLD)?
Just for the cost of hosting, you can create your own root DNS and own all the TLDs provided by that root. Of course, almost no one will be using your root DNS, even if you try to promote it heavily.
comment Google structured data dashboard not seeing any data
How long have your live site web pages had the rich snippet markups? The GWT dashboard won't show anything until googlebot has processed the live pages.
comment Preventing high bandwidth usage from Yandex
Why do you think these are bot requests? The Referer matches what a normal user of a Yandex search would send when clicking on a search result from Yandex.
comment Why am I getting domainpark.cgi being called from my website?
First search the html as delivered to the browser. If exampleone is not there, then search for it in all files that exist on your realdomain host, not just the page directly requested by your URL. It's most likely in some auxilliary file somewhere like a .js file.
comment Indexing issues when the SAME page has meta noindex when accsessed from the sites front page and meta index when accessed from sites archives
What to you mean by "the same question"? Is this the same URL (with essentially same content), or different URLs with same question content? And, what do you mean by "when accessed from ..."? Do you mean accessing the same URL but the source of the URL is indicated by the "Referrer" string of the request having either the URL of the front page or of the archive?
comment Hide your website links from search engne
Question is about another site having a link to OP's site, not copyrightable content, so a DMCA is inappropriate since he can't validly claim ownership.
comment robots.txt, how effective is it and how long does it take?
Yes, Google Webmaster Tools only affects Google's index, not Bing, etc.
comment How to block baidu spiders
I happen to know that "Baiduspider/2.0" accesses from Chinese IP addresses do not obey robots.txt on my site. Also, they often use coordinated accesses (some minutes apart) from the same IP address block that do not use the "Baiduspider" user agent ID.
comment Fetch as Google error 403
It seems like some level is prohibiting the IP addresses of googlebot, as just the user-agent of googlebot does not cause 403. Maybe a piece of software is checking that if user-agent is googlebot then IP must be a google IP, but that software got the IP test backwards.
comment Spam bot constantly hitting our site 800-1,000 times a day. Causing loss in sales
Referrer spam seems easy to prevent, or at least make ineffective. Having search engines scan your logs seems like a very good thing to avoid for this and other reasons.
comment Is there a social network for webmasters?
Stack Exchange discourages postings other than it's Q&A format, so general discussions, forums, postings of a social net site are missing. The chat feature does not serve as an adequate substitute.