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I am a professional freelance writer by trade, and owner of the ArcticLlama freelance writing business. In addition to my company's website at arcticllama.com, I am also the owner, writer, and webmaster of several additional websites on a variety of topics.

comment How can I have more clicks than page views in AdSense
Bobby, the count different things. The difference between the PAGE having a view and an AD having a view. Also, they update at different frequencies so there may be a lag.
comment How can I have more clicks than page views in AdSense
You are right this happens when the visitor counts are low either due to a very restrictive custom channel (a single page) or when the statistics are viewed very early in the day. Just because the numbers would eventually hide this anomaly doesn't mean that it isn't there.
comment SEO consequences for merging country sites in a .com
The conventional wisdom, as well as Google's statements, are that 301 redirects EVENTUALLY pass almost all of the original ranking power on to the new location as long as they are reasonably similar.