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comment Google is successfully indexing our JS pages. Should we stop providing _Escaped_Fragment_= Snapshots
You're right John (not surprisingly). I did a test quite a while back and my notes state the cache showed rendered code. But I can't repeat it. I better stop telling people to check it :-O
comment Google is successfully indexing our JS pages. Should we stop providing _Escaped_Fragment_= Snapshots
I've used the cached pages to verify JavaScript based markup so it can return rendered html.
comment How to claim ownership of a website in Webmaster tools if that website redirects to another site
I've found verification via Google Analytics seems to work even with a redirect in place.
comment How do I prevent Google from indexing text that is generated by JavaScript?
What makes including an iframed file faster than including a javascript file? From my experience, iframe content does get indexed and can be considered part of the parent. You would still have to block it via robots.txt
comment Google Webmaster Tools reporting non-existent links
Try doing a fetch as google on those linked from pages and check if the code Google sees contains those links.
comment Google indexing pages with #! although we don't have any
redirecting the #! urls and cloaking the ugly urls does not seem like you are following the specification.
comment Why my web pages positioned 1st in Google Webmaster Tools recieve zero CTR?
Just to add to Johns comment. Your position in results can vary based on many things like the location of the searcher and on the search type (web, image, mobile...). Maybe you are getting #1 position in image or mobile results that tend not to get clicks or it's for very local people who are not seeing the #1 spot because of the more visible local places listings afterwards. Have you looked at the search result to see how you look?
comment How to do a JavaScript redirection to the same page without hurting my SEO?
You can also check the HTTP Header User-Agent value on the server side to get an idea on what device is making the requests. Or use the css media type to hide/show different versions of the images. Or have JavaScript dynamically set image URLs. All better than looping the user around.
comment Google - will they penalize you for random content ordering?
Could you clarify what you mean by "their work"?
comment Consequence of redirecting ALL 404s on a site
I agree, but 301ing known issues does get them out of the report quicker. In both cases Google will not include the suspect url in search results.
comment Redirect pages to fix crawl errors
RewriteEngine On should always be first. I was talking about the rewritebase command and it's effect on anything after it
comment Total Indexed 0, 99 not selected in webmaster tools
301s show up as not selected. But that's mute now Google have decided to stop reporting that (due to confusion). How are you confirming your redirects are working correctly?
comment Is it possible to find out whether one given page has been indexed?
How many sitemaps are allowed ;-)
comment parameters in a seo url
I'd go with #3 but only based on minor factors. Keywords first and avoiding query strings.
comment How does 301 redirection work across the network? & should I use it if there is a chance we made need to change the resource back to the original URL?
Great info guys, I stand corrected
comment “302 found” for index page bad for SEO?
Did you get it sorted? Quite a few older CMS systems will use the URL parameters to track sessions instead of cookies. This may be your issue. In even worse cases this only happens to the robots (they don't support cookies), so behind the scenes your CMS is creating mass confusion for the search engines.
comment I'm seeing a lot of a new format for title elements for major sites: a few tags, and only then the title of the site itself, is this now optimal SEO?
I was answering the OP related to the structure of short topic - maybe a long topic - only finally the site's name. I do like you answer though. Well constructed titles are best, but large sites like this have to automate in some way.