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comment Dedicated Hosting 101
An excellent logical increments post from my Slavic friend here! OP would do well to read this. I don't know how much you paid for your WiredTree, but my gut feeling is that managed is not worthwhile in this case. In practice, any installation that works in a shared environment will "just work" in a drag and drop hybrid dedicated environment with little fuss. It's not until we're talking about extraordinary loads (which I doubt the OP is getting since the shared environment still works) or complex implementations like SSL or load balancing that a more complex solution is definitely required.
comment Creating a site with similar functionality to RateMyProfessors
If you're asking whether there's a framework that's specifically suited to a Rate Your X site, then I know of none at the top of my head, and I doubt one exists. So it's extremely unlikely that you'll accomplish exactly what you want without coding a substantial portion of it. If you're going to be using PHP, use a well-supported framework like CodeIgniter or CakePHP; they'll help you do a lot of stuff off the bat. Otherwise, just keep plugging at it. There really is no easier way short of paying someone to help you. Best of luck!
comment What are CNAME and A DNS Records?
Sevki has answered your question very adequately. I would also recommend you read through the Wikipedia article on the Domain Name System to get a broad idea of how DNS works beginning to end.