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comment Is it really worth submitting to DMOZ anymore?
Yes, but you must list in your profile all sites in which you are related, and obviously your website must add value to the domain you approve it in.
comment Narrowing down my large keyword list for new PPC campaign
@gijoemike: Also consider that your SEO terms and PPC terms may not be the same because your PPC campaigns generally want to target a landing page catered to the group of terms (people) you're targeting. This depends on the nature of your website/business, but often your PPC landing pages aren't even meant to be indexed, as they're made for human call to action.
comment how to include tags in permalinks of wordpress
Tread carefully when placing tags in your URL. If you change a post's tags, rename tags, delete tags, and generally change your tag structure over time (as you usually do), you can break every pre-existing backlink pointing to the post. Of course, depending on your purpose for tagging, this might not be so applicable.
comment Which is best for PageRank? When multi-Aliases point to same server, with multi-language folders
Don't let the siren's buzzword "PageRank" allure you away from what your real goal probably is: to rank well for keywords.
comment Creating a site with similar functionality to RateMyProfessors
Wow, I didn't even see your post and I just started hammering away at my keyboard with my cup of coffee. Once again, I end up essentially saying what you said. Good post. +1 :)
comment Moving from a static site to a CMS with new URLs and meta-data for pages
Page rankings shouldn't be affected. When Googlebot crawls your website and finds 301 redirects, it recognizes it as the same page. Its suspicion is further validated in that your entire site is going through a redirect URL change. It'll pick this up just fine.