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comment How does the customer edit there own website once I have created it for them?
+1 for the detailed answer. @ryan how complicated it is to learn depends on to what extent you want to customize. Most have out of the box functionality that you can just add content to and modify the CSS and you're good to go. If you want more than what's already built in, many have a wide variety of plugins available that you can just install and use. Finally if you want to write your own plugin then you'll need to be familiar with whatever server-side programming language it uses.
comment New Domain Registration - Price differences
Not going to -1, but I don't think it really addresses the core question of what is the difference between different domain registrars? Is it like salt where it's just the same stuff sold by different companies? Or is it like wine where there's a big difference between who makes it?
comment Why do we have to pay for a domain name?
@mar10 It would be closer to buying land than a house. It doesn't do anything on it's own other than say you own this piece of virtual property but if there's nothing there, it's just a piece of land.
comment Recommended Site Redundancy Options
The problem with that is you're assuming the DNS server is the one going down. The most likely scenario is your site going down while the DNS server stays up. In that case your still will still be down and in order to make the switch happen, you're going to have to take down the DNS server. Even then DNS gets cached and can take hours or even days depending on how often they refresh the cache.