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I started commercial programming on 1 September 1981 as a trainee COBOL programmer on a Honeywell Level 64 mainframe. During the 1980’s I flipped between Honeywell/Bull and IBM mainframes, with a brief spell in 1988 on a 386 PC developing in COBOL and using Lotus-123 and Oracle, but not at the same time. In 1993 I went freelance and have created PC software and since 1999 websites and web based applications.

Operations Support has also developed Restoration Manager, a software tool designed to help vehicle restorers keep track of the parts they remove from vehicles.

Due to having car sick children we also sell sick bags under the trade name of Chuckie Bags. An odd thing to deal in, but it beats having to clean the inside of the car every week.

Every month from November 1996 to December 1999 I was invited to appear on the Roger Day show on Guildford’s County Sound radio station, where we would discuss a number of IT related topics. An audience of 100,000 now seems small in comparison to the potential audience on the Internet, but there’s nothing like live radio to really concentrate the mind!

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