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An expert in the technical world. I’ve seen it all from the very beginning. Started on an RM Nimbus at school in ’86 and never left a screen since. I’m a geek and proud of it. IT today has become a very generic tag for simply anyone that has a computer running Windows; I’m not that guy; I know IT.

I’ve worked on many disparate environments and projects throughout my career I’ve positively contributed to organisations ranging from large global enterprise; Military Space, Pharmaceutical, Banking through to much smaller software development teams. All this experience has taught me how to tune out the noise that is overpriced over complex enterprise solutions to problems solved by better open source software today.

I continually research and feed the inner geek. I believe over the years I have conjured up a good set of skills, certifications and follow the right mix of professionals to maintain a solid confidence and stay well ahead to be a valuable component to a technical team everywhere.

Keeping a low profile.

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