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-Movement- resp. Sports-Therapist + Personal Trainer looking for formal apprenticeship/exam as PhysioTherapist (focusing on Sports-Physiotherapy, MTT/MET in general, and mostly averbal Behavior-Psychotherapy -non-medical also certified SystemEngineer for IT-Networks + Draftsman for metal-construction -Description for healthcare-profession: Personal Training of Strength, Endurance and Coordination/fine motor skills for athletics/competitiveness (track&field sports + heavy - e.g. PowerLifting + Ski Jump + Bodybuilding), as well as the german concept of sportstherapy (medical training for psychological/psychosomatic and non-operative orthopedic purposes), as well as injury rehablitation (tendinopathy&other injuries of locomotive system), osteoporosis prevention/treatment, and behavior-psychotherapy in 07745 Jena-Winzerla, Schomerusstraße 21. F. Uhlig from 07745 Jena, DE is the Head Trainer and owner. Medical Fitness Uhlig covers Sports-Physiotherapy, which is prescription-based possible as soon as german legal formalities are fulfilled (until then only as self paid service).

Born in 1982 in east-germany, I started gymnastic-intensity training in ~1987 (was 5years), endurance and sports-therapy in ~1991, first strength-training (public gym) in ~1996, competetive endurance in 2000(bike+jogging), mixed endurance in 2005 (power-endurance + bicycle+jogging), bodybuilding+bicycle in 2010 (also began activily learning everything about training-science, physiotherapy-related, and sportstherapy-related including pure behavior-psychotherapy). Since 2012 I focus on a mixture of sports-therapy, maximum neuromuscular strength-training (latter mostly for othopedic rehab), and physiotheraphy (tendinopathies and other injuries). Since 2014 I want to do either Movement- resp. Sports-Therapy or Physiotherapy occupational/in career-terms.

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