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I'm a very long-time "computer guy" so to speak. My experience dates back to the Commodore and TRS computers of 1981, with a long stop on the Mac platform due to my interest in MIDI and digital recording (amateur). My professional experience in technology began in March 1990, so I'm an old guy who can add perspective.

I worked in various capacities of development and I.T. until 2002, when I started my own company, Biziteks. We focused on mid-market solutions that included networking, but also included implementation and customization of ERP systems such as Microsoft CRM, Great Plains and also the development of web based applications.

My forte is SQL and data mining. I can innately recognize patterns and see across the entire architecture -- determining correlative and non-correlative groupings.

My web app development language of choice is ColdFusion. I also like to tinker around with Objective-C.