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Started programming about 8 years ago in the famous language called Turbo Pascal. Allways hated it knowing there are things like C and C++ out there so I moved on after 2 years and started learning C and short after that C++, while I was still being thought Pascal and VisualFox Pro in school.

First job as a developer was in a total opposite direction, doing PHP/MySQL in-house software as well as PL/SQL and Oracle forms and reports for a big factory in Romania. That lasted for about an year and a half until I moved on to MRM Worldwide Romania, building websites, Facebook apps and the much hated newsletters for Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Subaru and other big Romanian brands.

For about half of year I'm based in Dublin, Ireland, working for the digital agency eightytwenty/interactive and building websites and Facebook apps for Nokia, RTE, Meteor and several other interesting clients.

Here are a few links if you want to get in touch:

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