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comment How hard is to be the anonymous owner of a website?
+1 Great answer with a very simple way to remove a lot of the 'tracking' issues (i.e. don't pay for anything)
comment Tracking multiple domains and subdomains on one analytics profile
Thanks - I played around with the segments and it's good for some things (new feature I didn't know about) but not quite what I'm looking for. For example, top content in descending order, for a given hostname. Rather than top content overall, with the individual stats. It seems to be working with separate profiles and filters on the hostname, but not sure if it's going to come back to haunt me :)
comment WWW.yoursite.com or HTTP://yoursite.com which one is futureproof?
Yeah - I was just giving a bit of an example as a consideration. Another example, if you're webhost.com and you host your customers as customer.webhost.com then you don't want your cookies passing to them. The static content example was just for static content awesomeness :)