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Founder and CEO / CTO of SoftwarePlant Technologies - IT Outsourcing, IT Offshoring, IT Services, Technology Consulting and Business IT Solutions

I am currently looking for IT / ITES Outsourcing / Offshoring and Onshore Business Partnerships / Alliances from USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Netherland, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia.

Anyone can reach me on

Business Mail Id: sampathkumar@softwareplant.org

Skype Business Id: Sampath.SoftwarePlant

Skype Business Id: SoftwarePlant

Skype Personal Id: Sampath.India

I made a startup called SoftwarePlant Technologies. It offers IT / ITES Offshoring / Outsourcing, IT Services, Technology Consulting, Offshore Outsourcing, IT Outsourcing, IT Consulting, IT Solutions, Offshore Development Center (ODC), Application Development & Maintenance (ADM), Business Intelligence, Complex Reporting, Implementation, IT Support, Offshore Software Development, Business Solutions, Automation, Migration, Support, Product Engineering, R&D Services, BPO and KPO Services as feasible as $6 to $30 per hour. And I am presently awaiting for an Onshore Partnerships / Alliances for my startup from America, Russia, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

For Offshore IT / ITES Partnerships / Alliances - Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Large Enterprises Are Welcome

SoftwarePlant Technologies can able to deliver technical, functional and non-functional solutions for all cases of business domains / verticals, by providing highly scalable quality software applications.

We are extremely skilled at handling Cloud, Mobility and Big Data with Statistical Analyzing & Mass Reporting, which is added plus for us.

We accept IT and ITES Project from all (Domains and Verticals)

For client's flexibility we work in 3 modes

1) Fixed Budget or Flat Rate

2) Hourly Rate

3) Rates by Task

Our Detailed Man Hour Billing / Pricing for an IT / ITES Project

* Fixed Budget / Flat Rate - Negotiable *

BPO / KPO - $6 to $9 / hour

Business Automation - $9 to $18 / hour

Software Development / Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) - $12 to $27 / hour

Cloud, Big Data, Mobility Solutions - $15 to $27 / hour

Business Intelligence, Analytics, Complex Reporting - $12 to $22 / hour

Testing - $10 to $18 / hour

R&D Services - $15 to $23 / hour

Outsourced CIO / CTO Roles - $27 to $30 / hour

SoftwarePlant Technologies has an own dedicated IT Infrastructure to scale up to 90 employees.

For more about me - http://www.linkedin.com/in/SampathCEO