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I do not enlighten those who are not eager to learn, nor arouse those who are not anxious to give an explanation themselves. If I have presented one corner of the square and they cannot come back to me with the other three, I should not go over the points again. — Confucius

I am the the one who can't bring you the other three corners.

comment Your Most Popular Sites Screen in IE 10 - Icons not appearing
IE support for favicon is very buggy since ie8 and don't think they have improved it even in IE10. This was posted by me (JAA14) way back - social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en/iewebdevelopment/thread/…. It never shows up on local hard drivers and even in online pages, it takes some time.
comment Who Is Against CSS and JS?
Amazingly +1 for ironic humour.
comment How to overcome politics of the net (Google translate code refuses to work from a specific region)
I should add that It has nothing to do with the iframe of google trananslte not showing up and the translation appears to be an in-build functionalty of the website itself. Just some smart CSS coding (If I may say so myself) from myside