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comment Lazy loading images and effects on SEO
Here's a thought: an <img> tag without a src attribute isn't really a valid <img> tag in the first place, so why use <img> tags in the first place? Perhaps better to use something else, like a <div> or <span> with a specific class and/or data-attribute(s) - or even an <a> tag with the href actually pointing to the image URL, for the sake of validity and search engine indexing. Since you have to process/initialize them in JS anyhow, I think this is probably better/safer than using mangled/invalid <img> tags.
comment Is this a good approach to image Lazy Loading for SEO?
I would love to see that - Google does not look at <noscript> and I have not found a way to block image loading in Firefox yet; substituting src (even with a <script> tag immediately after the <img> tag) doe not seem to prevent the image from downloading in latest version of Firefox. If you know of another way to do that, please share!