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Director of Engineering for an enterprise e-commerce services firm. I'm paid to bring my experience and expertise to ensure my clients' ecommerce sites are awesome.

I dump the rest of my time into my family, Milsim Airsoft, photography, sport and tactical shooting, Diablo III, Xbox games (Battlefield 4), and moar programming.

comment How is github so fast?
@w3d I think GitHub is either assuming that you're progressive enough to use something other than IE if you're using git. They may also just have decided not to support IE.
comment What is the benefit of the “download will begin shortly” page?
Yeah, you missed the big elephant in the room called advertising dollars.
comment Semantic Form Markup for Yes or No Questions
+1 on the fieldset idea. That's far more "semantic" than anything I had thought of. I can see a use for merging the idea of turning the labels for the radio buttons into longer statements of the answer. 'Yes, positive answer to this question.' or 'No, negative answer to this question.' Shortening the question to be more direct, placing it in a legend element and wrapping it all within a fieldset. Thanks for your contribution!
comment Are there any significant disadvantages of forwarding a naked domain to the www. homepage always?
Sounds like you're talking about funneling requests to a forwarder script. I disagree with this approach because it requires two redirects and also nullifies the value of links to the non-www domain.
comment Semantic Form Markup for Yes or No Questions
@Bevan thanks for your suggestion. I have done just that. I have added the link to the OP.
comment When is meta description still relevant?
+1 for the A/B test to get definitive data.
comment How do I rename a domain and preserve PageRank?
.htaccess catchall redirect would fix it up real quick.
comment How to disable application pool timeout on IIS7?
I think this would be a question for ServerFault.com -- perhaps you would have gotten an answer from someone other than yourself/Google if you had asked it there.