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I`m techie, a security geek and a battle hardened SEO/SEM veteran. Today I'm a Product Evangelist at Incapsula, an Imperva subsidiary that provides cloud-based Security & Acceleration services.

Outside of work I`m a father, a son and a husband, an avid book reader and an award winning writer, a semi-pro MOBA player, a professional couch potato and a lover of dogs.

comment Is HAProxy an alternative to Cloudflare? Protection from scapers / bots?
What about Incapsula (incapsula.com)?
comment Is it possible to use cloudflare without having them managing my DNS?
Sorry, didn't see the reply until now. We offer the only cloud based PCI compliant WAF - this helps deal with (the dreaded) clause 6.6 of the bill. Basically we offer 60$ solution to a thousand dollar problem. More info here: incapsula.com/tour/pci-compliance