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Hi! I am Andrew Russell. I'm an indie game developer from Australia. I'm a Microsoft MVP for XNA/DirectX.

Visit my blog at AndrewRussell.net or follow me on Twitter @_AndrewRussell.

Spending too much time procrastinating on Stack Exchange? Or wish you could block the Internet for a while, but need to whitelist Stack Exchange? Check out my Kickstarter: Connect for a Reason.

My current game dev project is Stick Ninjas A 2D multiplayer platformer-shooter. I'm doing a weekly DevLog video series about it, which you can watch on YouTube.

My previous projects include:

  • ExEn, a cross-platform port of XNA that runs on iOS, Android and Silverlight
  • Light Blocks: cross-platform falling-block game to demonstrate ExEn
  • Dark: A 2D physics-platformer with fancy lighting effects (PC and Xbox 360)

comment Is making my PHP files read-only a useful security measure?
To summarise my understanding of what you're saying: the only way to actually get the security advantage I'm expecting is to chown the files (not just chmod). And even then, the advantage is minimal, as an attacker could simply write a new PHP file somewhere. So I think I'll stop bothering with this practice.