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comment How can I test my web site in IE6, IE7, IE8, and IE9?
@MarcoDemaio Thanks. I agree with what you wrote in your update. Another time when it would be a good idea to test in the VMs is if your analytics tell you that a significant number of your users are using older versions of Internet Explorer. In that case, even if the site wasn't JS/CSS greedy, I probably wouldn't take the risk trusting IE 9 to emulate it 100% accurately.
comment How can I test my web site in IE6, IE7, IE8, and IE9?
@MarcoDemaio There are definitely differences between IE 9's IE 7 mode and the real IE 7. I gave two examples here.
comment Should I include “www” in my canonical URLs? What are the pros and cons?
Three other points from this article: 1. If you want to create a CNAME that maps the subdomain www to, for example, you can. You can't do that with a naked domain. 2. Typing a domain name in the address bar and hitting CTRL + ENTER will automatically enclose the text with www. and .com. Having your permanent domain with a www prefix will prevent unnecessary redirection. 3. Typing in under windows [start+run] will result in an error. However, typing in will work.