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comment Will adding site search microdata get Google to show a site search field when users search for your brand?
It will ask Google to show Sitelinks Search Box for your site. I think you have not implemented step 2. Implement it and wait for Google to detect the change.
comment Should I use 'robots.txt' or 'sitemap.xml' to get dynamically created files indexed in search engines?
Now a days, search engines are too much powerful. Even if you didn't submit site map to them for those dynamically generated files, most of the search engines like Google will crawl them if you have linked them in your site and your robots.txt is not blocking those files.
comment Recommend any tool to place .docx files on website for viewing so that search engines crawl it?
Either you can add url in sitemap or you can add page that containing sitemap. All will work same. Google bots are intelligent. Even if they find any link from any page of your website or from other website they will crawl it.