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Prakash K

Currently working as a Senior Liferay developer.

Have experience in working with Spring, Hibernate, JSP, Servlets and Struts-1. Like technology and specifically programming.

Mostly i am into web-application development.

Learning new languages like PHP and Python for recreation.

Human life is very precious and it is meant only for the purpose of self-realization i.e. to be free of all suffering and bondage.

And the process of self-realization begins with asking questions about life and stackoverflow might not be able to help here wink smiley:

  1. Who Am I?
  2. If I am certainly going to die why bother with so much endeavour?
  3. Is there anything beyond death?
  4. What can I do to realize who am I? → chant mantra and pray ...

A mantra is (mananAt trAyate iti mantrah) that which relieves you of all suffering/bondage and frees you if repeated (mananAt) constantly.

The following is not just a mantra but a Maha-mantra i.e. the great (maha) mantra. This not only frees you but also propels you towards the supreme destination ... towards the blissful service of the Supremely Blissful Personality of Godhead and makes you happy for all times.

Maha-mantra in English

Maha-mantra in Sanskrit

So chant and be Happy! My good wishes and prayers are with you.