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I'm a web designer and graphic designer experienced with HTML and CSS, and am continuously learning PHP and JavaScript.

StackOverflow is such a great asset, I have nothing but gratefulness for the StackExchange Network as it is truly a wonderful place for people to learn how to do the things they need to know when they need to learn them. Of course, that gratefulness is extended to all the helpful users of the StackExchange Network. Thanks for helping people achieve the results they are looking for!

comment What effect does using itemprop=“significantLinks” on anchors have for SEO and what is the ideal use?
I understand that Rich Snippets require usage of microdata, and Rich Snippets are for search result display. However, last year, the major search engines all agreed on microdata to help with the accuracy of search queries. From my understanding it is entirely beneficial to define each page of a website with the type of business it is. As far as "significantLinks" I'm looking for more information for the use of this property. Schema.org is very limited on descriptions.