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Nowadays, professionally I'm mainly:

  • a Linux server admin (mostly SUSE - openSUSE and SLES - and some Red Hat - RHEL) of Testing, Development and Production servers (both physical servers and virtual machines - usually VMware)
  • ...and an admin of VMware vSphere ESXi/vCenter Server clusters. So, I work regularly with VMware products, namely vSphere (began on ESX 4.0, now on ESXi 5.5 and vCenter Server 5.5).

My laptop and netbook also run Linux (namely Ubuntu).

The coding that I do is mostly in Perl and "shell scripts" (for the "bash" shell) for automating system administration tasks in Linux servers. In "previous lives", I coded web applications in PHP for LAMP based projects and also in ASP ("Active Server Pages"), both "classic ASP" - ASP + VBScript - and ASP.Net - using C#

Some of my current Certifications:

  • RHCE - "Red Hat Certified Engineer"
  • LFCE - "Linux Foundation Certified Engineer"
  • RHCSA - "Red Hat Certified System Administrator"
  • LFCS - "Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator"
  • VCP - "VMware Certified Professional" ("VCP4-DCV" and "VCP5-DCV")
  • MCP - "Microsoft Certified Professional"