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comment How to approach redirecting thirty domains?
Okay thank you for the answer. I completely agree and have simply not been able to communicate this to them yet, plus they are in a niche where the are going to get virtually no traffic this way. I guess I just have to break it to him that there thirty domains when used in this manner is quite shady and not very useful.
comment How to approach redirecting thirty domains?
Wow, I knew I would post a question that would get me flamed to high heaven soon enough...voted down, migrated to another site..sheesh. This issue is completely unrelated to the xml question and is for a completely different scenario. This client is obsessed with domain names and despite my advice to make them into a network of mini sites or similar that link to their main site or by utilizing them in some other way that would benefit their SEO efforts, they simply think they are going to get a ton of mis-type traffic so they want it all sent to their main domain. No evil plot.