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Web Application / Site Software Tester since 2001. Holder of an old-ass A+ Certification that I got so I could teach prison inmates how to fix computers.

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comment Use different .htaccess file based on set header from browser
Yes, I know that you can/should use development sites/environments for testing these types of changes, but am asking because the thought occurred to me that I might be able to do this as well. Using ".htaccess" inside quotes because the name of the secondary file name would obviously not be able to be .htaccess
comment My Tumblr blog keeps returning “This webpage is not available”
Hmm... maybe this is better for the webmasters group since it involves webpage not available and a custom tumblr domain name.
comment My Tumblr blog keeps returning “This webpage is not available”
link works for me. You could be the victim of not waiting long enough for the DNS to propogate after setting it up. You should also try flushing your DNS cache if you hit this problem. Commenting because there's not really an "Answer" for this one since the problem isn't really a problem.
comment How to point Google Apps subdomain to external websites?
are you using windows or linux setup on godaddy? Do you want to redirect the subdomains to end up at blogspot & flickr? I know you can only setup a custom domain within blogspot, but the setup is different for the windows and linux setups within godaddy.