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I wrote my first computer program at the age of four on my father's Apple ][+. This was before I could type easily and I'd often forget how to spell keywords as I was entering them—I have a distinct memory of running to the stairs of our house and shouting, "Mom! How do you spell 'PRINT'?" My mother soon tired of this and wrote out a set of BASIC commands on an index card I kept by the computer to help me as I learned to code.

Many years later, the tools and technologies I work with have changed considerably but my ambition has always been the same: To create great software that improves people's lives and that people love to use.

If this is your ambition as well, I want to hear from you. Write to me (at ssouth@simonsouth.com) and let me know how you're using software to change the world, and what I can do to help.