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comment htaccess Rewrite Syntax?
Thanks - that worked! And I appreciate the 302 tip, too.
comment htaccess Rewrite Syntax?
(OP here...) Sorry, I thought I was specific. It's NEW-abc.php to abc.php, NEW-xyz.php to xyz.php, NEW-whatever.php to whatever.php (where 'whatever' is the same from "NEW-..." to the non-NEW version). The challenge is that there are probably hundreds of files and I'd rather not set up a separate rule for each one individually. I thought I needed something like "RewriteRule NEW-(.*)\.php $1\.php" but I don't think that's quite right. All I really want to do is strip the first four characters from the filename when they equal "NEW-"
comment How to Export Email “Sent” Folder?
I can still get in via webmail, using the temporary domain name they provided when we first set up the hosting plan. So I can login and see the messages sitting in the "sent" folder. But the webmail access address is like "servername.com:20082/3rdparty/squirrelmail/src/webmail.php" which works OK in a browser, but I can't put that in as the server name for POP/IMAP access in Thunderbird.