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I'm been developing software since dinosaurs walked the earth - well, since FORTRAN 77 was the hot language, CP/M was a cool OS and adding hardware involved solder. I've tried other careers, but I always come back to writing software. I can't count how often I've been caught coding while I was supposed to be doing something else. Originally trained as a mathematician, I've worked in a bunch of computer languages, mostly self-taught. I've worked as a programmer, a systems administrator, a webmaster, and tech support guy. My last words will probably be: "I should have written it in Lisp."

Turn your head, cough and press Ctrl+Alt+Del

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comment What is the purpose of google.com/blank.html
That is a good use of blank.html, and one I would not have thought of. However, most people I know are using google.com/blank.html to generate a bright white, blank screen on phones and tablets to use as a flashlight. I don't know if that use is in Google's intents for the page, but it's popular for that purpose.