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created Apr 25 at 0:56
created Apr 15 at 14:27
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created Apr 11 at 4:02
created Apr 11 at 4:02
created Apr 7 at 18:10
an application server from Oracle. https://www.oracle.com/middleware/weblogic/index.html
created Apr 7 at 14:41
created Apr 7 at 2:41
a document that is loaded into your web browser in a format that the web browser understands.
created Apr 4 at 22:08
created Mar 29 at 18:27
created Mar 22 at 10:39
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an initiative for improving the loading time of static mobile webpages. It specifies AMP HTML, which is a subset of HTML extended with some custom elements.
created Mar 21 at 13:50