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No you doesn't need to create separate webmaster accounts for all websites. You can add up to 1000 websites in a single webmaster account and also can submit sitemaps for each websites.


Sitemaps can be submitted for multiple sites to Google Webmaster Tools through a single Webmaster Tools account. You can do so by adding multiple websites to a single account. You would then need to complete the verification process for each website, or have somebody that is already verified add you as an authorized user. There are also two other ways to ...


Remove the old sitemap and submit new one. For fast indexing, use bulk ping services for for all URLs. If you want to remove duplicate URLs from current site map, then use Microsoft Excel to this job.


Yeah. That is the wrong approach. Just replace your sitemap. Keep life Simple! Honest and legitimate bots won't fully spider your site just because you updated or replaced your sitemap. They are smarter than that. The decision to visit a page for a search engine is based on metrics in their database and not an updated sitemap. I update my sitemap often. ...


Definitely gzip sitemaps because that lowers downloading time, thereby making the server faster more often. Let google do the decompression at their end for you. If timing is an issue, what you want to do is click the gear icon and visit "site settings" in webmaster tools for all websites you have that the sitemap is taking forever to process, then for the ...


Sitemaps have very little effect on SEO. See The Sitemap Paradox. Deleting your old sitemaps shouldn't be an issue. Google will continue to crawl and index the URLs they contain even when the sitemaps are no longer there. In fact, getting Google to forget about URLs is pretty much impossible. If you have new sitemap files that list the URLs you ...

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