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It's likely due to the fact that the breadcrumb meta data is included on the page twice. As you can see in the source code from your website, the breadcrumb RDFa metadata is included twice, at two different points. One before the main content, and again afterwards. Remove one instance (probably the later one should be removed) and you should be good.


Okay. This is a bit of a tough one. But I will dig in a bit so that hopefully, things will be clear. Google figured out years ago that spam sites are all related and that relationships between sites can be determined. In science, the term realm is used to define a relationship between entities. In search, at least in the early days, a realm was a set of ...


Broadly speaking, there are two ways to approach this. If you are going to use standard posts, instead of using categories and tags, I would steer you towards custom fields and build your geolocation stuff that way. It would not be strictly hierarchial nor would it reflect in the post slugs but it would be available to a good search plugin for filtering. ...


This looks like a server-side caching issue with your site. (You perhaps need to remove the query string when generating a cache key?) The problem is with any query string, not just UTM codes. Try appending ?hello=world to any URL and you get an extended (20+ second) load time on the initial (non-cached) request. However, request the same URL again and ...

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