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I tend to start out at the original Network Solutions WHOIS database. When I run into a name server for another registrar, I'll go over to that registrar's website. Then I'll look for another WHOIS link on their page, which will search the 2nd registrar's internal database. Sometimes the contact info won't be listed in the 1st registrar's DB, but it will be ...


No. If you search the Network Solutions WhoIs database, you only get 2 search options: By Domain Name By IP Address If you search for a zip code like: "90210", it will try to lookup "". It won't search for all domains in the 90210 (Beverly Hills, CA) zip code.


This has to be done by the ISP. Only the authoritative owner can configure the RWHOIS records for the IP addresses they own. Tell the ISP you need the RWHOIS records for your IP address in question and they should be able to do it. You should note not all ISP's do this and some will refuse to update the RWHOIS records and your only option would be to either ...

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