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You could just as well have asked: In what countries are videotapes legal? It is not the torrent tracker that is illegal or legal, that much I think is clear already. So your question should rather be: In what countries do I run the least risk of getting caught for running a torrent tracker that might have content that can be reported or is illegal in most ...


Time till start download The startingtime depends (mainly) on: - Time it takes to run the PHP code (this should take little time) - The time it takes before the first data is send The latter one is the main contributor, you want to send (some) data as fast as you can. If you echo a file_get_contents() of a file, you would have to wait untill all the ...


Actual Server Path This is a common problem associated with a lot of content management systems such as Joomla and WordPress that don't inform the site administrators that you are required to use actual server path and not that of the public_html or www folder. Using /tmp/ will not use example.com/tmp/ but rather attempt to access the tmp in the root of ...


Leave it 24 hours from when they fixed the NS issue as it can take a fair while to propagate to all name servers internet-wide. If your still having problems then use NSLOOKUP to query it from a number of different servers. Say for example your Internode Name Servers then say the Telstra ones and maybe a root server or 2 for good measure and make sure they ...


A CDN does indeed reduce bandwith, and they can indeed be very expensive. But there's light at the end of the tunnel, there is this free CDN called Cloudlfare. Cloudflare minifies js, css and even html. It will reduce bandwith and make your website faster, you could also use Incapsula. They both have free plans but Cloudflare offers free SSL to everyone.


You can get IP that serves image with ping command or in Developer Tools of your browser And check it's possible destination in geoiptool but the best solution to check you page speed is to test it with pingdom or gtmetrix, cause distance is not always important. Anyway Dropbox is definitely not for storing images.

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