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Looks like it. It even looks like Google recommends using pushShate and prefers it over hash bangs.


You are right, rel=nofollow is only for links. <img> tag can't have rel=nofollow attribute. What do you mean by disallow google to crawl out of my website through images? Google bot doesn't crawl out when it encounters an external image. It just gives a positive (or sometimes negative) recognition to it and may index it - Google can't crawl an ...


Is there a way to quiet down MJ12Bot ambitions The MJ12Bot reportedly obeys robots.txt and the (non-standard) Crawl-Delay directive: How can I slow down MJ12bot? You can easily slow down bot by adding the following to your robots.txt file: User-Agent: MJ12bot Crawl-Delay: 5 Crawl-Delay should be an integer number and it signifies number ...

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