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There are at least 3 ways: Links to your site. Using Google Webmaster Tools (now called Search Console) Registrar dumps, triggers, and other options. Google will find many new sites quickly from some registrars. For example, Google found one domain name I registered using GoDaddy, indexed it, and began sending search results within 20 minutes of ...


According to this we are still waiting to see what Bing will do, so I would assume (I know) not. Here is an excerpt regarding Bing: What Can We Expect? Google’s disregard for JavaScript in the past has also been used by many websites to their advantage. It will be important to understand the repercussions of Google being able to index all of ...


So I set up a test page here. Using Webmaster Tools' Fetch As Google feature, I saw that Google doesn't pick up the image declared in the img's srcset attribute: However, adding the JavaScript Polyfill Picturefill I was very surprised to see that Google now does pick up the image declared in the srcset attribute. This means Google is running the ...


According to a google search, for "dwbot", it must be an old dream world bot for an online Pokemon game. See: https://github.com/Sanqui/dwbot

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