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I experienced similar issue on one of the VPSes I have with RoseHosting. I contacted their technical support and they fixed the issue for me and everything has been good since then. Anyway, when I asked what was the problem, they said that it was related to the dcachesize limit which represents the maximum size of filesystem-related caches limit for my ...


You have to make that trade off based on your business needs. A VPS is shared with others, which means that you are sharing the server resources. The biggest risk here in my opinion lays that you can't control what other people use the server for. This can affect the performance of your application and cause unexplainable bugs that you can't trace back ...


To get a website up at a domain name you need to follow these steps: Register the domain name. At the registrar, point the NameServer (NS) records to the domain name server (DNS) that will be handling the domain. On the name server, add records to resolve the host name to your server. Configure your web server to handle requests that come in for that ...


Look ubuntu documentation of Bind9 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIND9ServerHowto

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